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Cooking With Gata

In the Philippines an integral part of many of our dishes is Gata which is the milk from matured coconuts normally pressed from the desiccated coconut flesh. Ginataang Gulay which is assorted vegetables such a squash, string beans and malunggay leaves sautéed and then cooked further in the coconut milk giving the vegetables an exotic twist. Bicol Express: this delicious dish is from the Bicol province in Luzon Philippines; it's normally made with the tenderloin of pork and cooked in coconut milk with sautéed green finger chils. Pork Laing: The leaves of taro cooked in coconut milk with sautéed pork. The rendered pork fat adds a wholesome fun texture that exudes a creamy texture and paired with a fried dilis adds a crunchy salty flavor, a harmony a balance. Tinumok: A spin off of laing. Seafood and coconut flesh wrapped in taro leaves and cooked in the coconut milk with small red chilli peppers. An excellent way to play with your plating capabilities. Ginataang Manok Sa Pina: Looking to create a dish that is not only creamy but also has that bite of sweetness? Try making chicken in a rich silky coconut milk sauce with chunks of pineapple. Simple to make with bold flavors that will leave other asking how.