COURSE | Steak Simplified with Chef JL Martinez

Steak Simplified with Chef JL Martinez

Please join us Saturday, July 1, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm for "Steak Simplified" with Chef JL Martinez. Chef JL is very passionate when it comes to food. Cooking gives him a sense of fulfillment especially when he cooks for the people that he loves. His 31 years of cooking experience allowed him to discover and enhance his abilities in many different ways and he would love to share this experience with his students. In "Steak Simplified" class learn how to make 2 methods of cooking steak which are the traditional pan-seared and the reverse sear method. Chef JL will also teach you a simple yet very yummy side dish "Truffled Pasta" which definitely compliments our delectable main dish. The students will also learn how to make "Frites" and "Creamed Spinach" that everyone will surely love!