COURSE | Greek


Greek food is different than food from any other European country. It borders the Mediterranean Sea and because of the weather it allows different ingredients to grow which heavily influences the culture and the food cooked. Because we love Greece we would like to share our know how and teach you how to make an addicting Roka Salata, which has arugula leaves, candied walnuts and sundried tomatoes. A hearty dish that is like the greek version of lasagna is the Moussaka. This dish normally has tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and ground beef topped with a bechamel sauce then baked until it is golden brown. Greek Beef Patties served with a Tzatziki Sauce which is a Greek yogurt sauce with cucumbers, savory, creamy and light. The perfect way to enjoy your meal. Pork Souvlaki or skewered pork served with a greek sauce which consists of sea salt yogurt, garlic and cucumbers.