COURSE | Mexican


No need to go out of your house to get great Mexican food. You can make it on your own… simple and tuned to your taste. It's also great food for sharing. It's easy to make, eat and serve. Nachos make life easy no need to grab your tortilla chip dip it in cheese or guacamole because its already loaded on there with all the fixings such as pico de gallo, ground beef and a creamy cheese sauce. Cheese quesadillas with a garlic mayo dip is also another finger food with silken cheese pressed and toasted inside a tortilla wrapper served with a mayo dip with a garlic kick. Carne asada tacos are a festive way in serving pan seared beef skirt steak on small soft shell taco wrappers with a hint of citrus. Mexican Pan Fried Chicken seals in the juicy flavors and doesn't become too heavy as it is paired with a reshreshing mango salsa.