COURSE | Noodles


Everyone loves noodles! Join us today and make someone's day extra special by sharing your techniques and creating something wonderful! We are cooking up a storm, creating amazing dishes such as Palabok which is a familiar Filipino dish made with rich shrimp sauce and topped off with boiled eggs. We also offer our take on Spaghetti Filipino Style, meaty and sweet goodness twirled up on every fork full! To add to the noodle madness we added a Classic Carbonara with Creamy White Sauce , but wait it gets better. There's bacon! Our last addition to our noodle/ pasta buffet, a filling Pansit Bihon Guisado. This delicious dish is made with a rich stock of pork and chicken with thin rice noodles and loaded with sautéed shrimp, vegetables and tender pieces of chicken and pork. Join us put your passion on a plate for others to love!