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Pinoy Classics

A traditional Filipino meal made for sharing. Sinigang made with taro root to add to the textural harmony of premium pork ribs and a sour lip puckering feel that will leave you craving for another spoonful. It only gets better after the Sinigang, next to follow is the old fashioned Kare Kare paired with a special Guisadong Bagoong, this dish is nothing short of delicious a stew comprised of premium beef and pork cuts that fall apart with the touch of your spoon and given an added kick from the special Guisadong Bagoong. Let's not forget to mention the classic Pork and Chicken Adobo made with only the best ingredients to curb your cravings. Last but not least, take a bite out of our crispy Lechon Kawali and try dipping it in the sweet liver sauce. Juicy, crispy and savory nothing beats filipino home style food.