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Pinoy Desserts

Are you fond of desserts or know anyone who is? How would you like to learn how to prepare an outstanding dessert spread that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth cravings? Leche Flan a thick and creamy custard dish made with egg yolks, milk with a caramel sauce that will leave one raising the spoon from plate to mouth, another dish that will leave you spooning for more is Bilo Bilo which is a sticky rice ball soup with a coconut milk sauce. Who says you can't have soup for dessert?! Maja Blanca is a great dessert this pudding like dish is made with corn and coconut milk. Biko with Latik- this exotic dish is made with rice a thick sticky rice and topped with caramelized condensed milk and coconut cream. For those pick up and go desserts try your hand at Ube Langka Turon. The purple ube root and jack fruit wrapped up in a lumpia wrapper and fried. Desserts are always someone's favorites and with this multitude of recipes you're sure to satisfy.