COURSE | Soups


An integral part to any meal, soup is a must! Indulge yourself with a Creamy Pumpkin Soup with all the hearty flavors of autumn, topped off with crunchy and buttery croutons and the toasted pumpkin seeds. Another is the Creamy Macaroni Soup; every spoonful has al dente bites of macaroni followed by the light creamy broth that will render your tastebuds a slave to the next mouth full. Don't miss out on the Spanish classic Almondigas Soup. This soup is loaded with meat balls made of lean pork and bits of chorizo in a sultry chicken broth with celery onion and tomatoes. All the ingredients that will make your meal not just comforting but craving for more Tahong Chowder: Like a traditional New England clam chowder but spiced up with mussels. Rich and creamy with chunks of potatoes and carrots in each bite and heaps of mussels. A meal on its own. This one goes out to all the seafood lovers. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese! A favorite for those rainy days when you want something creamy and tart. Tomato soup makes an excellent soup along with dipping sauce for you grilled creamy cheese sandwich.