COURSE | Spanish


Spanish food has such a large influence on Filipino food. It is also in a league of its own! Spanish cuisine is filled with passion and a mix of Mediterranean and European flavors giving it a unique presentation and flavor profile. Join us today and learn how to make all these tradition spanish cuisines. Croquetas normally made with potatoes these bite sized delicacies are great pica pica for everyday appetite satisfiers, Paella Negra another must. Bomba rice cooked with squid ink gives the rice a sheen of black and a flavor that screams Mediterranean! Fabada Asturiana meal on its own with loads of chorizo, white beans and pork in a broth that will make your senses explode in excitement. Last but definitely not least get your senses involved with Callos this chorizo stew is so hearty you just can't go wrong. Don't miss out on your chance to create something great!