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Calorie Counters: Meet the Slimsons

Diet food doesn't mean bland tasting meals that are difficult to swallow. You can eat yummy food that is low in calories, but leaves you feeling satisfied. To start your day, a "Fruity Warm Oatmeal" with peaches and apple is perfect to get you energized. For lunch, "Bulgur Rice Pilaf with Green Beans" is the way to go if you like a toasty nutty flavor with a crunch and lemony scent. For a flavorful dinner, "Oriental Beef & Broccoli" is perfect because it has a spicy sweet sauce that richly coats this flavorful family style stir fry. Make up the majority of the mixture with your favorite fresh vegetables, a great way to fill up without adding a lot of calories. For a great snack, try our "Chicken with Papaya Mustard Salsa" and grill it to give you that tasty slightly charred goodness! Now that's a whole day of yummy meals! In addition to the recipes you will cook, we will give you an additional 28 low calorie recipes for you to create your own calorie intake diet meals at home.