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Calorie Counters: Flab Busters

Successful diet meals don't have to be boring, nor do they have to be expensive and hard to make. Our 1500 calorie/day plan allows you to eat a reasonable amount of food, and generally leads to a healthy rate of weight loss in most people. For breakfast, "No-Fry French Toast" is a winner. Once you've tried this oven baked French toast, you'll never make it the old way again. On a griddle or in a skillet, French toast must be made in batches. Our technique allows you to make several at one time. For lunch, "Pasta Primavera" won't even be labeled as diet food because the cream cheese gives a richness and smoothness to the creamy sauce. For dinner, "Sweet & Sour Ham Balls" are a great way to have that sweet and tangy bite sized pieces paired with rice. While having the best meals, let's not forget to have a little snack. Prepare your chilled water because our "Southwest Style Stuffed Peppers" has chili and cumin for a real southwestern kick. Now that's a treat! In addition to the recipes you will cook, we will give you an additional 36 low calorie recipes for you to create your own calorie intake diet meals at home.