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Calorie Counters: Carb Blockers

You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. When a person is aging, it is harder to shed off the extra pounds. Unlike younger people who have faster metabolism and tend to have more energy (running, walking etc.) this makes them lose weight unintentionally. We sometimes forget that the more calories we stuff in our mouth, the more unwanted fat will eventually develop. But worry no more because we have a full daily meal that will surely help you lose weight without feeling food deprived. For breakfast, our fluffy "Puffy Omelet Squares" are a delicious quick choice if you want a healthy breakfast. Top it with savory zucchini and tomato sauce and you'll surely be energized for the day. For lunch "Stroganoff Style Chicken" replaces the usual beef in this rich tasting dish. Named after a 19th century Russian diplomat, tradition stroganoff contains butter and sour cream. In our recipe, chicken & low fat sour cream helps pare down the fat and calories. For dinner, "Parmesan Baked Fish" is the way to go. It's quick, easy and slimming. For snack, experience the flavors of India with our "Chutney Beef Kabobs". Our kebab has curry powder, ginger and cumin. It also has papaya and chutney stirred into rice which makes an ordinary side dish a worthy accompaniment! In addition to the recipes you will cook, we will give you an additional 36 low calorie recipes for you to create your own calorie intake diet meals at home.