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Calorie Counters: Junk Bunkers

To eat well, feel great and lose weight, you have to make some sacrifices like being careful with what you eat. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor. In our 1500 calorie/day plan, you will enjoy each meal as if you are not on a diet. To start your day, try our "Pancakes with Orange Sauce". Tempt your family with a breakfast of whole wheat pancakes. The bright mandarin orange and walnut sauce is a tangy alternative to maple syrup. Now that's less calories but super flavorful. For lunch, "Southwest Skillet Steaks" are oozing with so much flavor and umami because of the tomatoes, chili peppers, oregano and other spices. This is a great choice meal if you are in a hurry. For dinner "Shicken and Senne with Basil Sauce" is best when you use fresh herbs because we want to maximize its flavor. If basil is not available, tarragon, thyme and sage is a great substitute. For snack, wheat flour "Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza" is so yummy, you will forget that it's made of vegetables and wheat flour! Now who says healthy can't be flavorful? In addition to the recipes you will cook, we will give you an additional 36 low calorie recipes for you to create your own calorie intake diet meals at home.