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Calorie Counters: Flab Assassin

Extra body weight from fat is what increases your risk for developing health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones, diabetes and some cancers. The good news is, we can easily prevent this by losing the unwanted flabs we have in our body. In our 1500 calorie/day plan, losing weight doesn't mean cutting off the yummy flavors of the food you will eat. It means choosing the right flavorful ingredients and counting calories to sustain our daily needs. For breakfast, you can easily make your "Home Made Granola" paired with low fat yogurt and shredded apples. That's yummy in the tummy! For lunch, our "Barbecue Sauced Beef Sandwich" is so flavorful, you will think twice if it's even considered a diet food. For dinner, "Lime Sauced Fish and Linguine" is a perfect pair because of its tangy rich flavors combined together. For your salad, "Nicoise Salad" has a rich and flavorful taste but lesser calories. The dressing contains lesser oil but the same yummy taste! In addition to the recipes you will cook, we will give you an additional 36 low calorie recipes for you to create your own calorie intake diet meals at home.