COURSE | 3 Day Junior/Kiddie Cooking/Baking Camp

3 Day Junior/Kiddie Cooking/Baking Camp

3 Day Junior/Kiddie Baking/Cooking Camp "Cooking & Baking" (Ages 6-16) 1-5pm, P6,000/student . June 6-8, June 20-22. In this, 3 Day Junior/Kiddie Chef "Cooking and Baking" series, our Junior/Kiddie Chefs will learn essential kitchen skills and cook their dishes from scratch. They will learn how to prepare, chop and cook their own food in their individual cooking stations but also learn how to work alongside other students in order to develop social skills. In this course, our Junior/Kiddie Chefs will not only learn how to cook but they will also learn basic baking skills and magically whip up something amazing in the kitchen! They will learn how to bake cookies, cupcakes and decorate them as well! This course is perfect for our Junior/Kiddie Chefs who love to eat savory dishes but at the same time bake their way around the kitchen!! So come and Rock the Red Apron with us and join the fun! Day 1: Flavors and Colors - Grilled Garden Pizza, Mango Muffin, Nachos w/ Mayo Dip and Oreo Cupcakes Day 2: Sweet and Savory - Classic Vanilla Cupcake, Double Chocolate Cookies, Ham and Cheese Quesadilla and Lasagna Day 3: Melts in Your Mouth - Banana Muffin, Mini Taco Cups, Peanut Butter Cookies and Whole Wheat Chicken Sandwich