COURSE | 3 Day Weekend Junior/Kiddie Chef Cooking/Baking Camp

3 Day Weekend Junior/Kiddie Chef Cooking/Baking Camp

Enroll your kids today in our 3 Day Weekend Junior/Kiddie Chef Cooking and Baking Camp. Our camps are dedicated to teaching kids, ages 6 to 9 (Kiddie Chefs) and 10-16 (Junior Chefs), the Art of Cooking. Our hands-on cooking classes explore different departments in cooking, including prepping of ingredients, exposure to baking, hot kitchen, history, social skills, health lessons, and plenty of taste testing. At Red Apron Cooking Academy, we empower kids to expand their minds and taste buds while whipping up batches of fun in the kitchen. The campers will work in our kitchen with individual cooking stations and at the same time work alongside other students to develop group work and social involvement. They will be using colorful and fun equipment where they will follow recipes and create their own delicious meals. Each camper leaves with recipes, Red Apron, a chef's hat, cooked meals and a Certificate of Completion! So come and Rock the Red Apron and whip up something good in our kitchen! (1 day class enrollees are also welcome) Day 1: Yes It's Your Favorite! -Chewy Choco Chip Cookies, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Hawaiian Pizza, Chewy Chocolate Crinkles Day 2: Power Breakfast For You - Choco Peanut Butter Cookies, Egg in a Hole, Fluffy Choco Chip Pancakes w/ Syrup, White Choco Pistachio Cookies Day 3: Cooking Around the World Favorites - California Maki/Futomaki, Spaghetti and Chicken Pandan