COURSE | Special Class for Kids with Special Needs

Special Class for Kids with Special Needs

Please join us this Saturday, November 26, 1-5pm for our "Special Class for Kids with Special Needs" "teaching cooking to children with disabilities is an opportunity to not only increase independence, but also put basic academic skills to use in a functional way" Cooking is a multi-sensory experience. Children who have sensory processing challenges can benefit greatly from the smell, texture and taste involved with the cooking process. Rolling, mixing & kneading are all activities that are involved with cooking and baking which will not only help children stay focused on the task but will also help them develop their motor skills. These children need a relaxed and fun environment to develop and improve learning difficulty because it's in those circumstances that they don't realize that they are learning. In Red Apron Cooking Academy's 100% Hands-On Class, the students will be facilitated by a Special Education Teacher/Chef. They will learn how to make: - Red Velvet Cupcakes - Chocolate Crinkles - California Roll - Hawaiian Pizza This course includes ingredients for all dishes, Red Apron, Chef's hat, recipes, cooked food and Certificate of Completion. P3,500/student, 1-5pm, November 26, Saturday.