COURSE | Almusal/Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Join us and learn the art of making ones day important. With this you will learn how to make Beef Tapa a staple in Filipino breakfast that consists of thinly cut beef flank marinated with soy sauce and garlic and a bit of sweetness from sugar. To add to your momentous breakfast feast why not give a hand to a Cheese and Mushroom Omelette. The creamy cheese paired with the meatiness of the mushrooms served with Breakfast Fried Rice makes breakfast look professional. For a filling start to ones day Beef Frittata is a great way to go, like the cousin of beef tapa just give it a sear and enjoy. Let's not forget the inner kid with Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes. The melted chocolate chips inside of a fluffy pancake…yum, but wait it gets better why not top it with some sweet maple syrup. Now that's why breakfast is an integral part of one's day, Let's be a part of it!