Are you traveling to the Philippines for business or pleasure or are you staying here for school or an extended period of time? Regardless of the reason, taking a cooking class in the Philippines is a great way to experience the country in a unique way. Food is a large part of the Filipino culture and learning how to prepare different dishes is where your Filipino experience should begin!

According to Andrew Zimmerman, "Filipino food is the next big thing". There is no better way to learn more about Filipino culture, values and deep heritage than by examining our attitude towards food. Our Cultural Filipino Cooking Class is designed to help tourists, expats, balikbayans and even home grown Filipinos dive deep into the fascinating history and culture of the dishes our ancestors invented and preserved up to this day.

Our students will learn more about the multi-cultural influences, cooking techniques and make their own version of the dishes we are very proud to call our own. Our chef instructor will guide each student through a hands on cooking experience, smelling the wonderful aromas and savoring tasty new flavors. They will complete this whole cultural experience by enjoying their cooked meals while having fun conversations with their chef and new found friends! What better memory to share from a vacation.

Our Cultural Filipino Cooking Class features our famous Adobo, Sinigang, Lechon Kawali and Kare Kare.

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