Kids are imaginative and creative. Cooking will not only bring out these abilities but will also empower them and build self-esteem. Plus it is something that kids enjoy just as much as eating the finished product. They love the whole process of combining ingredients together, creating something unique and seeing their very own masterpiece. At Red Apron Cooking Academy, your kids will not only learn how to stir, whisk and decorate but they will also learn math skills, science, geography, art, health, history and social skills. They might not even realize they are learning because they are having so much fun in the process.

At Red Apron Cooking Academy, be confident in knowing your kids are in good hands as their instructor is a U.S. trained and licensed teacher. So no need to worry for first timers, our teacher chef will guide each student every step of the way! And to top it all off, they get to take home their cooked dishes along with their hat, Red Apron, recipes and Certificate of Completion So c'mon and join us whip something magical in the kitchen, After all, anything can happen when your kid is wearing an Red Apron.

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Kid's Courses:

Or with a minimum of six kids, you may host your own Private Kid's Cooking Class/Party which can be customized just for you and your special guests. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, holiday party, or simply want to create your own kind of party, our dedicated and friendly staff will personalize your group event to cater to your needs. Our interactive, 100% hands-on cooking classes are designed to be fun, educational and delicious! . All you need to do is set a date, pick a menu and show up at our doorstep. Leave everything else up to us.