All over the world, using the kitchen as a learning environment has caught fire, where groups of corporate executives, management and sales teams work together to create a meal, then sit down together and enjoy it. Team building through cooking.

At Red Apron Cooking Academy, we believe challenges to the team's creativity, communication; cooperation and time/resource management are all inherent in the cooking process. We designed teambuilding programs to showcase all of these and allow everyone from the novice cook to the master chef to participate comfortably.

Organizational positives of open communication, maximizing resource utilization, rapid decision making are simulated and promoted inside this cooking-based team building.

Working together in the kitchen breaks down barriers and builds bridges through competitive and collaborative activities.

Your participants become the celebrity chefs with our fun, 100% hands-on cooking events; we entice EVERYONE to get involved regardless of their position or cooking knowledge.

Our dedicated, entertaining and experienced team of Chef Facilitators and HR Practitioners warmly welcome everyone and intelligently guide the event to guarantee everyone is engaged and connecting with each other. They also skillfully integrate your business goals and values to produce real business benefits that remain visible, even when you get back to the office.

Red Apron Cooking Academy creates event experiences in which colleagues walk into the room but teams walk out, having learnt how to work together, accomplish together, and have fun together.

Should you wish to learn more about our Team Building Programs please send us a message and we will be happy to discuss the details with you further.